Discovery Set- Fall / Winter Limited Edition

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Discover all of our Fall & Winter Limited Edition scents in this box set. Set includes 5 candles + 1 tin of matches with stile pad on top. Candles are numbered on the bottoms of each tin to align with the included card.

Candle Scents:

Hot Cider-apple/oak/cinnamon/clove/orange/vanilla

Maple Chestnut- roasted chestnut/vetiver/maple syrup/warm vanilla

Smoked Sage- smoked sage/cypress/spruce/palo santo/orange/clove

Evergreen- spruce/spearmint/eucalyptus

Winter Solstice-Himalayan cedarwood/smoked vanilla/peppermint/orange

Card inside box includes a $10 off code for your next purchase! Find your favorite with our discovery set

each candle is 3 oz.

burn time: 20 hours each