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Reusable Un-Paper Towel (Select-A-Size Roll)

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Each Select-A-Size roll contains (3) full size towels and (3) 2/3 size towels

~Bleach safe for sanitizing~

Whether you are looking for a way to help the planet, just starting out in the Zero Waste community, or have an eco-friendly family member of friend that you are gift shopping for, these ecofriendly reusable UnPaper Towels are the perfect kitchen product alternative.

Use your Paperless Towels the same way you would use any other kitchen towel or paper towel in the home.
These all white multi-use paper towels with snaps on a roll will fit on any standard paper towel holder. They can also lay flat in a drawer for use as a dish cloth.

Why snaps?
The snaps add so much more to your kitchen cloths! Hang on the stove or fridge, store on your cleaner bottle or even hang in the bathroom to use as a hand towel. The possibilities are endless.

Looking for a way to hold your UnPaper Towels on a roll? Choose Option “With Inside Connection Tube”

What makes our UnPaper Towels the best around?
** "Duck Cloth" is similar to birdseye fabric, with a strength for scrubbing unlike flannel or cotton.
** Finished Edges means a much longer life of your towels. Your towels are sewn inside out, turned right side, then stitched again around the outer border. A corner to corner stitch then locks together the front and back. Triple stitched! I have been using my personal set for nearly 2 years without fraying or breakdown!
** KAM brand snaps gives you the best snaps on the market. This brand is used on cloth diapers and are well known for withstanding many hot water washes and high heat drying.
** Terrycloth backed towels are perfect for absorbency.
** Towels are a generous size. At Approx. 9.5"-10" squared, they are bigger than the palm of your hand.


Recommended Roll Sizing for your family Size:

Family of 2-4: A set of 6 towels

Family of 4-6: A set of 12-18 towels

Family of 6-8: A set of 18-24 towels

Family of 8+: A set of 24+ towels