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Glow Facial Serum

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Glow Facial Serum

This oil is great for softening fine lines and wrinkles and reducing redness and inflammation. 

Use 3-4 drops on face, neck or chest as needed

*ingredients: argan oil, olive squalane oil, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn, calendula extract, helichrysum essential oil , chamomile essential oil

•Argan oil is a superfood for your face and helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles

•Squalane oil enhances skin elasticity and is similar to the body’s natural oil

•Rosehip oil reduces inflammation, boosts collagen formation, and helps reduce hyperpigmentation

•Sea Buckthorn oil has anti inflammatory properties that help reduce redness from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea 

•Helichrysum essential oil promotes skin cell regeneration and targets age spots

•Chamomile essential oil contains esters that are cooling and soothing to dry sensitive skin

* vegan and cruelty free

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